How It Works

We’ll Help You Every Step of The Way!

  • 1

    Drive up to our automatic pay station where you will be greeted by a friendly voice that will help you choose your car wash. Pay with cash, credit, or debit. We accept all major credit cards. Our pay stations can make change for $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills.

  • 2

    Pull into the wash bay slowly and stop when the wash sign displays a red X. Your vehicle is now in position. Put your vehicle in park, relax and enjoy your car wash.

  • 3

    The car wash display sign will show the wash service that is being performed to your vehicle. When the display sign shows a green arrow, move forward through the Max-Air dryers.

  • After Drying

    Pull up to the vacuum islands where you can clean the interior of your vehicle and have it looking great inside and out!