Touch-Free Experience

  • We Strive:

    We strive to provide the Ultimate Carwash Experience for you, our valued customer. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal and is always guaranteed.

    We are not your typical car wash. We value your business and we deliver exceptional customer service and use the most advanced Touch-Free Laser Wash technology in the industry to give you a Really Clean, Really Dry, Really Fast car wash.

    Washing your car is as important as getting a routine oil change. It maintains and preserves your vehicle’s finish from everything that is thrown its way from day-to-day use.

  • State of the art:

    M5 Laser Wash equipment has the state of the art technology designed to clean, dry, shine and delivery a top quality wash every time.

  • Only High quality products:

    We only use the highest quality cleaning and polishing products to gently wash your car and to protect your car’s finish. Experience the difference in a high quality car wash.

  • Clean and protect:

    We’ll clean and protect your car all the down to the ground and undercarriage with our Laser Wash technology every time. We get the dirt off!

  • Nothing touches your car:

    With our touch-free Laser Wash technology nothing touches your car. So you can be assured that there’s nothing that can blemish your cars finish. We protect your vehicle’s finish with Weather Guard on select washes.

  • Spot Free Rinse:

    You’ll get a spot free rinse every time. The water we use is conditioned to be soft and easy on your cars finish without leaving soap residue. Your car will look great every time!

  • Max-Air:

    Max-Air will blow dry your car from six dryers for a spot free finish and keep your car looking great all year round.